In atomic physics, the Bohr Magneton (symbol uB) is a physical constant and the natural unit for expressing the magnetic moment of an electron cause by either its orbital or spin angular momentum … got it? 


Well, you‘ve probably picked up „the magnetic moment“. Sounds already like a decent title for your next album. And it's exactly what the pickup in electric guitar does, picking up the magnetic moment of your strings!


Andy Hidber has been a active guitar player for 30 years. In all these years not one of his guitars remained stock. Whether it be Paulas, Strats, Teles, Gretsches, or other cool guitars, there was always something that had to be improved, mostly pickups, electronics, hardware etc. His experience in upgrading guitars finally lead him to build his own guitars from scratch, to fulfill his own needs for great looking, excellent sounding, functional and gigging ready instruments. 

Magneton Guitars is a custom shop.

Although there are some finished guitars and basses in stock, Andy would love to build the next guitar for you – don't hesitate to contact him to discuss all the possible options (shape, woods, colors and finishes hardware, pickups, etc.) for your new dream axe!


Magneton Guitars is a custom shop.


All of the guitars are unique pieces of inspired craftmanship, handbuilt for you in beautiful switzerland. Choose from our finished guitars in stock, or have your own magneton guitar build for you. Contact Andy with the above form to discuss all the possible options (shape, woods, colors and finishes hardware, pickups, etc.) for your dream axe. Built time may vary, but is approximately around 6 months.


You will of course be informed about the status of your build and I will update you regularly with the building process of guitar – thats a big part of the fun! 


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